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Rear window is possesed


In Second Gear
I've recently purchased a 02 TD4 5dr and the rear window has a mind of its own...

When I push the button to raise the window it will go all the way up, then once I release the button it will go all the way down again. This game of cat & mouse is then repeated until it decides to stay up.

This doesn't happen all the time, sometimes it may stay up first attempt, others it may take several attempts, any ideas on how to fix...

Doing all that it should.
The rear window is not a "one shot" system. You can lower partially oon the way down, but you can only do it once.
On the way up, you have to keep your finger on the button the whole time until it is up. If you take it off, it goes down again!

As I said in another post, welcome to the wonderfully idiosincratic worl of the Freelander!!

Oh, and this is actually explained in the handbook, too.
The problem is, I do keep the button pressed until the window is all the way up, it's once I release the button it then decides to go all the way back down again.

I've also tried some verbal commands, along the lines of "Stay the f@$k up" but they don't seem to work either....
i know the verble commands very well! lol

i had the smae problems on my last frebie but it wsa 3 door and it was the hardtop causeing the problem im afraid and so i cannot help, but i cant tell you drunk friends (which must the same as little children) playing with the controls does not help the electrics!
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