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How Do I? removing paint of plastic wheel arches.


Extreme Landy Fan
i may of asked this before but any tips on removing paint off plastic wheel arches?
there might be an etching primer under there as well although the paints cracked and peeling in places anyway.
If your re-painting I would just rub it all back flat and smooth, then put a few covers of top coat. Unless of course its peeling really badly.. Then it may be time for some chemicals?

dont use notromores mate...I did it years ago on some arches and came back to waht could only be describes as black pork crackling:D:D dad wasn't a happy bunny :D:D
i was just stirring a tin up as well.
no i want to bring them back to black plastic , ive got the wheel arches and light surrounds to do.
:eek: :eek: :eek: I wouldn't recommend stripping them, by the time you've used your nitromors and they are all in a heap on the floor and you have damaged your synthetic paint that you have painted your vehicle with....:eek:

you're right, buy new ones.

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