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Replacement door locks


My door locks have well and truly had it. The rear door wont shut and the front doors… well, lets just say that the key is redundant.

I had a look at Paddocks for replacement front locks and a new locking mechanism for the rear door, but I couldn't find any. Can anyone give me a URL for new locks, please.

Thanks all.
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Hiya Nobber,

I don't know if you've read my post on the Public Discussion board, but I've joined you as a man of leisure having also been made redundant. We should start a club J

I've adjusted the door locks because I thought that was the problem. Whether the door locks when you turn the key is hit and miss and the lock doesn't catch when you shut it. I've tried pushing the catch down and it only clicks shut one time in about fifty.

You can also open the door once it's locked by shouldering the door.

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Here we go. I've never put a piccie on here before, so I'll see how it works:

Well, that didn't work. How do I put a piccie on?
press manage attatchments , press browse?, search for the piccy , press open , press upload and then wait for it to upload. then close window then post the post.

Here goes:


  • rear lock_1 (1).jpg
    rear lock_1 (1).jpg
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its hard to tell with that cover on.
mine is basically a drivers door anti burst lock but i think , although I'm not sure , the drivers door and rear door are the same.
can anyone verify this?


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Is it a common problem with the rear door lock not locking?,i have a 1999 defender 90 the side door`s lock and unlock but i can`t lock the rear door ?
The rear door lock is not repairable. You have to buy new.

However, all is not lost.........
If you drill the rivits out the lock does come to bits. By by countersinking the back of the lock you can put it back together after cleaning all the crud out.

There is a spring in there which for me was impossible to refit correctly.
My rear door now locks. You do have to make sure you take the key out in the correct place :eek:

Covering the whole rear door lock is the best way to make the lock last.
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