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Replacing rivets on chequer plate


In Third Gear
I have a Tomb Raider covered with acres of chequer plate secured by rivets. about half of these rivets are rusty (pretty good for supposedly ali rivets..).

I would like to drill them out and replace with bolts and (probably) nylocs. The question I have is can someone suggest what size bolts I need and also suggest an aesthetic bolt head - socket, Torx, Pozi etc.

Many thanks for any help
Most rivets have a steel pin (I forget the correct name), it will be what's left of that, that has rusted. you can get full Ali rivets, usually a true blind rivet as well
if you put nuts and bolts in there then these will also rust , not only that but you have to get a spanner to the nut which for things like trhe wings might be a tad tricky.
drill out the rivets then put all ally rivets in. if you cant get all ally rivets use normal ones then drop a tiny drop of kurust or similar to protect them from moisture.
Thanks for the comments. I am reluctant to replace rivets that look crap after 5 years with more rivets. Although I'm afraid that I do not know what multi-grip rivets are. I intended to use SS for the bolts (I am aware of the eloctrolysis issue) but take the point completely about poor access for the nuts. How about rivnuts? - may be a daft idea I have never seen one.
I've replaced the rivets on my 50th's chequer plate with stainless fixings - M6 x 20 countersunk with A form washers and nyloc nuts, heads can either be POZI, HEX or TORX (I went with TORX). Got them from Mark at www.a2stainless.com - specialises in Defender fixings - just got stainless hinge fixings - look great. Only problem stainless can react with the Ali as does steel - galvanic corrosion - using Duralac reduces this cost about £6 for a tube its like a thin grease just shear over thread before assembly and wipe eccess of with rag with white spirit on. Google Duralac or see : http://secure.silmid.com/action_catalogue.asp?sat=2&saa=3&fws2=true&plt=W&pw1=duralac

Hope this helps.

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