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reversing light


In Fourth Gear
my reversing light isnt working. i have tried a new bulb but that hasnt worked and also a new switch at the back of the gearbox but still doesnt work

is there anything else that could be wrong:confused:
Right hand rear inside the body. Take the little cover off.
You will or you should find a bundle of wires connected to each other with bullit connections. You want the Green/Brown wirs. Check the bullitconnector with a test light.

The other place could be where the loom comes out of the chassis.

Has it ever worked?

If so have you checked the fuse. Bad earth maybe?

Mine never worked and it turned out that the previous owner had connected the wrong cable at the light end. I ended up woking back from the switch using a tester and then ended up checking the wiring colours on the wiring diagram.
I've got a problem with the live feed to the switch on the back of the gearbox with mine. I temporarily wired up a direct live feed (fused) from the battery to get it going for obtaining a WoF (Warrant of Fitness - MOT equivalent), which has worked fine so far.

Where the feed comes from the main loom down the front of the firewall & under the gearbox tunnel, it is quite tight & hard to trace the wire to find the break. I am guessing the easiest permanent fix will require replacement of the live feed as per the original. I have seen the reverse light wiring loom listed on some websites for sale, just not sure what that would include?

there are two wires in the reverse light harness , they run from the switch , under the tranny tunnel and up to the chassis and main harness just under the windscreen (drivers side).

check these connections.

the only other place to check would be as described above at the back of the vehicle. also check the fuse and the lamp unit itself for a bad connection.
The cover can be a ****** to get off, my reverse light dosnt work, i think it has something to do with the split propshaft gator that grab a bunch of wires and wound them around the prop shaft :rolleyes: That was nearly two years ago, i have never botherd fixing it...

. I have seen the reverse light wiring loom listed on some websites for sale, just not sure what that would include?


its just two wires , about 3 to 4 feet long with spade terminals on one end and bullet male and female connections on the other.
it runs from the switch on the gear box to the top of the chassis harness just below the drivers side on the bulkhead.
its the chassis harness that carries the current from there to the lamp and its fed through the main harness (the two bullet connections , one is on the chassis harness and the other is on the main harness).
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