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Road Charging Petition


Due to the Government trying it's best to force us out of our cars over the next 10 years I've got a link for a petition against it all -


For me it would make life difficult - I send my youngest to a school where we used to live because it is a brilliant school - trouble is you have to get 2 buses and in Derby we all know know how crap they are (sorry charliedenny). If they impose this levy then I would be forced to send her to the local ****hole (over my dead body and I think timbotts as well!) Also because my son is disabled and I HAVE to use the car to get him to college (again 2 buses and a distance - he can't manage) and to various clubs and disability football tournaments around the country. The Government haven't said how that will affect people like me as a carer. I don't take the car to work - I go on my bike as does Steve because it is rush hour for me and the bike is quicker. Same if I go to the local shops.

I'd use the bus a lot more if we had a clean, reliable service and the council weren't rebuilding Derby City (sorry village) Centre all the time. I've joined the City Residents Forum in the hope that they may listen but I doubt it.

Also what happens if you are a self employed driving instructor? Thrashed for tax anyway - £3000 this year for Steve for doing part time for most of it as well as paying tax on his regular job and then have this charge levied as well?

And have the Government even hinted at anyone trying to use their 4x4 for recreational pastimes?? Oh hang on - all the green lanes will be closed by then!! Ah but you still will have to travel to get to an off road site - and won't this new tax be hefty around that site because they know that enthusiaststake their 4x4's there??

If I ever come into any money - I'm doing what my parents did a few years back - ****** off abroad!! This country is bleeding everyone dry both in tax and freedom.


Up and running again this morning - I got an email back to say mine had been lodged - you have to then click a link off the email to have it officially added - didn't have any probs.

Just signed it, have tried a couple of times, but with the site down, I've only just done it.

I wonder how many people have not been able to sign it?
It's just really infuriated me that there is yet another government minister with a hair brained idea that has had no thought put into it at the tax payers expense! If you saw the state of the roads in Derby at the mo - it is obvious that non of anyones road tax has been spent in the last 7 years I've been here - bodge it and patch it is the order of the day - the bloody new shopping centre is taking precidence because people will think it is wonderful and spend more so the Government will gain more from the VAT.


PS - Yes I do have PMT if anyone asks!
Is this the one that the goverment said it was going to ignore regarless of the number of signitures (sp)? or a new one?
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