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Roof lining


Anyone know anyone that sells these other than waiting for one to pop up on ebay or paying LaSalle nearly 200 quid:eek: Not that I am tight but 200 quid:(
But the La Salle ones are washable and will never rot or sag, and are robust enough to screw fittings like speakers, radio mounts and map pockets to.
Well yes I realise you get what you pay for........ how ever I am really not convinced that it will fix my condensation problem as some people have suggested and am loath to pay 200 quid on the off chance:rolleyes:
Hiya Helen,
depending on how much work you want but I solved the condensation problem in my Series 3 by glueing polystyrene tiles on the roof and sides then covering the tiles with short weave kitchen carpet.

The tiles have only to be roughly fitted together as the carpet covers dodgy tiling! If you can do it with the roof off the vehicle it is quite easy to do. I ended up with a condensation free, vibration free and sound proofed S3. I intend to to much the same with my 110 if I can find some fire retardant tiles!

If you do a good job with the carpet ie in one piece, it looks great and is not expensive at all. The tiles were left over from the '70's (my parents don't chuck anything out!) and the carpet I picked up for about £25. I also had enough to carpet out the bottom of my 88".



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Depends on what look you are going for, i had condensation aswell, i usefd camping mats and glued those to the metal roof, cured the problem, as well as gave me sound and heat insulation, i plan to cover it with carpet aswell at some stage....

Oooo camping mats I can do;) And I have spare carpet cos you know when you move it never fits the new house (No I aint tight we lived in a council house and if you dont take the carpet when you move they send you a bill to do it for you:rolleyes: ) Thanks for the input guys:)
Hi Guys....I have a 1986 110 exmod comercial.
Tried rubber backed carpet...looked great.....too heavy fell off during the night. Used white board insulation tiles covered by ply which was screwed to the support bars in the roof.....condensation still came through with mould. Like the idea of the camping mats and carpet though.
Any suggestions for an adhesive.

Depends on what you can scrounge! Anything that claims to do what it says on the tin should work. I had a load of adhesive from an underfloor heating kit and used that - it worked!
has anyone got a link for lesalle


Got mine just before Christmas and it is sat waiting to be installed ;).

Seems VERY well made and solid, need to get something to line the roof with (thinking of 'thrum' panels from a local bodyshop to take out of some of the vibration before I put the panels in).

Also need to find other homes for my speakers and that is a bind at the moment :(.
Instead of carpet look for a product I know of as "FRONTRUNNER". It looks like carpet but doesn't have a woven backing so it is really flexible and works into those awkward curves and pockets. It glues brilliantly to metal, fiberglass etc. and sticks like the proverbial to camping mats (my personal favourite lining material). Frontrunner is used extensively in marine applications - particularly for fiberglass cabin linings - since it is light, comes in a range of colours and has some (limited) soundproofing qualities.
I wonder if they need someone to write them a sales blurb . . . . . . lol ;)
id love to hear of anyones experiance of the lesalle products. Im thinking of the roof lining and side panels.
I've had mine in for just over 3 years now, since I converted from truck cab to hard top.

I bought front and rear sections and ordered the front section with speaker and stereo mounts. It's very easy to fit, you'll need an extra pair of hands to hold it up while you secure it in place. I went for large head self tappers instead of LR plastic fastners and I have had no vibration issues. No condensation either. It takes hard knocks ok and mud etc cleans off easily.

Only issue in fitting, was that the pre-drilled holes for both sun blinds did not match up and where about 40mm out, so I had to drill new holes. With the stereo mount, LaSalle suggest cutting the sunblinds down to size, I decided to switch driver and passenger blinds around. They don't fit flush, but they don't get in the way or act as a distraction.

It's an relatively expensive one off purchase, but the headlining is a worthwhile investment imho.

pics attached



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Here is mine during a test fit, note that the middle does sag down a little but that is because i hadn't fitted all the screws. I have made the sunblind modification as you can see in the pics. The only condensation problem iv'e had was when the Landy was left in the same place for about a month but when in has been in regular usage i haven't had the problem.


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Matt, were you supplied the caps for the sun blinds with the headlining? I wasn't and couldn't see a way to make them look ok, hence I didn't cut them. Yours look fine in the pics.


Matt, were you supplied the caps for the sun blinds with the headlining? I wasn't and couldn't see a way to make them look ok, hence I didn't cut them. Yours look fine in the pics.



No i didn't have any caps, i just cut the end off of the sunblind and cut the foam stuff out from inside of it and then stuck the covering back on the sunblind.
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