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RRC V8 3.5 engine overhaul, what are the bare essentials?


Shifting Up
Not that I have any problems with the engine at the moment (...) but after 166.000 km I guess it's time to think about a -minor- overhaul, ie. rockers, cam, chain and the odd minor parts. :rolleyes:

What should be included and what could be left out in an otherwise good maintained and good running, non leaking, engine?

I have no plans of lifting the engine, so all must be doable with the engine 'in situ'.

How much time am I looking at with the cam and rockers (as an enthousiast with the proper manuals)? Any useful adresses for parts..?

Thanx! :)
Generally they need a Cam, Followers, Timing Chain and Sprockets, Rocker arms and Shafts. Oil pump.

Sometimes the Pushrods. As the Hydraulic Tappets ( Followers) can only take out a certain amount of play, the rods need to be the full length.

The rest is down to wear on the crank and the bores, as to what you need to do.

Check out the prices at Paddocks, etc. Probably talking around £250 for parts, if you don't need pistons. ( What does everyone else think, would that be about right?)

Good link that, Hugo. Probably worth putting in the Maintenance section. I doubt he will mind us linking to his site.

I'm estimating the cost that Forum Members would pay, Hugo, I get Trade prices, so it isn't a really fair comparison if I put what it would cost me.

He's a really nice bloke, he's on the LRO forum a lot, and is a mine of info for anything to do with a rebuild, as well as other things.

Finished engine pics on his site were an inspiration!


Maybe someone can make it clicky? Not sure how to do that, sorry...

Or go to www.teflons-torque.com and you can find the link under the 'workshop' tab then go to 'General' and it's under V8 overhaul.

Hope this helps.

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