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Rubbish windscreen washer jets


Shifting Up
Just mine ... or a trait of all FLs? The bottle is nice and full but the front jets just kinda fssstttt a weak jet of water that only reaches up 1/3 of the screen. Strangely I was expecting a bit more from a car designed to stray into muddy zones :) The focus I followed yesterday was watering the whole street (excessive I thought, rather excessive !).

I find mine perfectly acceptable. Have you tried adjusting them to hit higher on the screen? Is the flow good, or are the jets blocked?
Did you check whether the T and L-shaped plastic pieces under the bonnet which divide the line towards the two washers aren't broken ? If so, that's why the jets are not strong enough. I have taken one of these pieces out as it was broken as well and things working very well and normal now. Good luck.
We get a lot of trouble with the rubber seal that holds the pumps in water bottles. ( most types of cars) There is a filter moulded into the end, take the pump out and see if it's full of slime.

Thanks for the tip - it was split L pieces on both sides, good pointer ! :) I've just bypassed the L piece and plugged the hose straight onto the bottom of the jet, blasting the windscreen with gusto now - i've even had to re-align them due to afore mentioned street watering.

Thanks everyone,
:) ooooohhhhhh i'll have to check mine i thought the same....more spray comes out of an empty bottle of champers than my jets lol
just had a look at mine,was the same problem the "L" shaped plastic that linked the rubber pipe to both jets was split so i just pulled them off and put the pipe straight on the jet...works fantastic now!! why they were needed i don't know??? now all i need to do is make the rear one as good...it's a bit poo!
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