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rust 'Conversion'


Has anyone tried this: Rust Remover


I'm in the (long) process of re-doing the rear chassis of my 110.I have a fair bit of rust ! what a surprise!!! (not). I can cut out lots of the bad bits and put a new rear x-member on, but how do i convert all that surface type rust into a stable base for Hammerite & Waxoil/Dinatrol.

I gather that Dinatrol do an 'acid' type spray that converts rust to a stable black foundation that can then be painted etc..But I'm struggling to find any real info even when doing a Google on it!
I'm still in the process of painting my chassis (on hold over the winter), and I've been using Kurust to convert any surface rust left after giving the chassis a good wire brushing, sanding and wash. Seems to do the job.
I use the stuff from these guys, they supply the companies that paint oil rigs, if its good enough for the North Sea its good enough for my landy.


Joking apart, the epoxy mastic stuff is great for chassis's, and resistant to just about everything. They also do a rust converter, way better than Kurust and you can get 1 ltr tins.

For rust removal/treatment I've used fertan in the past with very good results...


The bloke who runs Fertan knows his stuff, and is very helpful. Also has experience of using the stuff on LR's so knows quantities needed etc etc.

Thanks guys.
I have had a long conversation with the local Dinatrol suppler (Chic Doig) who I have known for 20+ years (being a Triumph owner). He was very helpful (as always). Its all he uses now for his customers restoration projects, he reckons its miles better than waxoil.

I have ordered up all the stuff to do the job....NOT cheap...but apparently if a job is worth doing etc......

It should be in this week......but i need to do fair bit of welding 1st...Oh the Joys!!!!
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