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Rust on rear cross member


Accelerating Away
My 110 TD5 is now three and a half years old and I'm starting to get rust on each on of the rear cross member. Questions are.............

Is this the rear cross member, or is it just a metal cover plate?

What the best way of teating it?

What paint is bet to cover it with?

Can I buy check plate to cover it?
Yes you can buy chequer plate to cover the rear cross member, but they can still rust from the inside out.
As above .They rust from the inside out mostly . Scrub it all off on the inside and then lather it in waxoyl .
I've always hammerited the outer side of the cross member but in all honesty hammerite is crap . Heard of lots of people using coach enamel .
In Denmark we have wet climate and salt like you have.
Mine is 3 years oold with no rust:) . When new I painted the rear crossmember with 2 component expoxy from Hempel (for ships). That works. Tectyl (waxoil) inside before it hit the road.
Just assisted a freind in sorting my cross member out.

It was showing rust badly on the back, looked quite nasty, the truck is only 5 years old...

We sandblasted all the powder coat off the back and underneath (where we could see), this took all the rust with it, and apart from some minor pitting it was nowhere near as bad as it looked. Once down to bare metal we blew most of the sand off and gave it a couple of coats of primer, this did react a little to the silicone in the sand, but the runs were sanded down quite easily.
Once the primer had set (with the assistance of a heat lamp), we gave it a couple of coats of matt black spray paint, this keyed very well to the primer.
After this was properly dry we covered the cross memeber (inside and out) with waxoyl, wiping away any excess that was visible on the back.

After this was finished the cross memeber looked as good as new, a finish that looks very much like the powdercoat, but hopefully it's keyed much better than the powdercoat ever did so should last a couple of years.

In total it cost a big bag of sand, some free PC support for my mechanic friend, about 1/4 of a can of primer and 1/4 of a can of the matt black spray and around 1/2 a litre of waxoyl. It took the best part of a morning, but this also consisted of drinking tea and taking the p1ss out of his Willy Jeep ;)

It was made much easier by the presence of a very big compressor and as many whizzy air tools that you could shake a stick at....

Before we did this I thought that I'd be looking at either a lot of money to get it sorted, or leving it rot away and replacing it later with a pattern part.

Don't you just love mates :) :)
I think Land Rover design them to do this to make you feel like buying a new model after 3 or 4 years.
I have challenged our sales man on this at Macrae and Dicks in Inverness a few times on the subject and ask why Landrover cannot do a better job.
He jsut goes silent and shuffles about looking at his feet !!!

Nuff said !!

On my one bought in September we Waxoyled the inside and on the outside put the spray on pick up bed liner stuff - will let you know if it works in 2010 - contacts below


D.J Pugh
TEL: 01270 765200
90 Manor Rd, Sandbach CW11 2LU

Bed liner:


They have a nice before and after picture of an old Landie.
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