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How Do I? S3 SWB fuel sender and retractable seat belt questions.



My fuel guage is broken on my S3 SWB. I have found a sender unit:


Do I need to buy any gaskets or seals, or will they be included with the item, if needed? Anyone know.

Has anyone replaced the outer seatbelts on a S3? Centre not a problem, as going to (hopefully) fit locking cubbybox.

I am looking for retractable (inertia?) ones, any suggestions?

Sorry I keep asking questions :)


It never hurts to ask questions....:)

I am not sure if you will get a gasket... I had to get a new one when I replaced the tank. They are only pennies anyway, part number 546488

There are inertia reels available, page 2J 16 of the parts book shows all the fittings. Reels are MTC1606 >hand and MTC1607 <hand. Theres pile of other fittings as well though, you'll need to have a look at the parts book for all the associated bracketry. They were fitted to County trim models as standard I think.
Oh..yes, watch out when you undo the set screws for the sender unit. They can snap off... And, if you fit a new tank and use the old screws, they are too long!
Aye, those will do the job. I see it mentions about corner brackets there too... Mine hasnt got inertia belts, but does have the brackets, so you'll need to check that (above the seats, in the hardtop, a goldy coloured angled bracket at approx 45 degrees.)

I had one inertia reel in the SIIA, it bolted directly to the centre bulkhead. It was a real pain, continually locking up. It was second hand though.
I got a gasket with mine but the parts supply varies from order to order. e.g. One set of brake cylinders have studs fitted, the next don't. Get a gasket to be safe.
Aye..darned annoying that... Flexi hoses with no nuts or shakeproof washers, Cylinders with no nuts... All ways the companies save money I suppose. No flaming good if you ordered the parts and are waiting to fit them though is it?

Which of course is a good reason for having a load of nuts, bolts, washers, and gasket material handy....:)
Here is a useful document that Paddocks sent me, when I asked how to fit their inertia belts


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