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Self builds


In Second Gear
Anyone up on Self Builds??

I am thinking of doing the above..self build that is..

I done a bit or research and have encountered a few frustrating moments with the purchase of Land for the purpose of Building on...I know few and far between!

But i am Told you can erect a Tempory Dwelling with a permit whilst building..but i have more of a intrest in buying a plot of land and this is what i have been told:

If permission to build on the land is not present you MAY or MAY not be able to build if you can show the Land and property is going to be used for say Chicken Farming or Heards etc?

I say this as i have heard people having trouble geting planning permission then buying 200 to 300 chickens and putting them on the land with a view to trade etc??

This may be rubbish ??
I don't think it is a way of forcing planning consent. A friend about 10 years ago was looking at the possibilities in rural Lincolnshire. It worked that some plots had smallholding planning permission. Building was permitted where the full time resident made their primary income from agriculture on the plot. It was tied up to prevent townies having a second home and really intended to give a starting point for sons of tennant farmers.

try this link I was involved in aself-build project about 18years ago. and they were very helpful. Also the housing model they use are easy to build very eco-friendly and great for sites that the usual property developers aren't interested in Steep slopes rocky ground etc.
if its agricultural and you want a house on it you need to prove a reason, plus if the reason is looking after animals you need to prove they will be your main income, going through this hassle at the mo :rolleyes:
Building on greenland is a no-no unless it will have a forestry/agricultural tie, ie you work the land. If you sell then it must be too another local needs user. Sometimes you need to prove you have never had a mortgage before and could not afford anything locally. These rules are general and vary between counties, and are likey to include provision for key public service workers (nurse/doctor/teacher/etc) in the near future.

An easier way is buying a plot within the defined development boundaries of a town/village. This way you are likely to gain permission for a dwelling without an ag/forest tie. But the plot will cost you more. I would approach th elocal planning officer and find out the options and process.
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