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Selling a freelander-advice please


In Second Gear
Hi All,

My fiance's freelander is up for sale at the moment, but we have had literally zero interest. Its been in the autotrader for the last 3 weeks, and and also at the begining of november. I had a couple of calls in Nov, but nothing since. I'd appreciate advice on whether its overpriced and if autotrader is the best place to advertise.

Spec is as follows:

2004 (04 reg) 5 door SE model. 1.8 petrol. 20k miles, Oslo blue, 17" wheels, all usual SE refinements (ie heated seats, reverse parking sensors, 6 cd changer, aircon etc) and has the cream leather/suade interior. It is in litteraly mint condition and has a full land rover service history.

Price is £10,500. I thought that was reasonable, and looking around at other adverts seems to be cheap, but we've had no interest at all.

Any comments, suggestions etc would be appreciated.
i fear you may be selling at the wrong time,it's just after xmas,the freebie 2 is out and therefore it's a buyers market.i have just bought a used freebie,and i watched a lot sell on e-bay before i decided if the one i bought from a dealer was worth the money,just take a look on e-bay and see the type of car you are selling, i guarantee it will go for £1500 less than you want for yours :eek: - i should know i've just had to let my 2002 defender 110 county hard top td5 go for £8000 :( so sorry matey but drop that price if you wanna sell...there are too many about and when buying 2nd hand there's always another one thats as good if not better for the same or less money if you keep looking....
Whilst I agree it is a buyers market at this time of year, you can not compare Ebay prices to market value. Unless you have something very special ebay prices on anything, cars, electricals, books or any other item are always well below their real value. This is due mainly to lack of trust of the selling medium in my opinion. The main thing to remember is, anything will sell on Ebay, just never for as much as you would want.
so when should i expect the market to pick up? My experience is with selling sports cars, usually convertibles that sell well during the summer and don't move in the winter. i thought that 4x4's sold better in the winter, but not at the moment :(
don't take my e-bay quote the wrong way,i agree e-bay is a minefield but what i was trying to say is that selling private is always dodgy...you will only get your price if the buyer specifically wants a vehicle of your spec' and falls in love with it for any reason.as there are 1000's of freebies on sale at any one time if they don't love yours or one is closer to there house then yours won't sell...period. unless yours is the best for the lowest price.as for the market picking up well in my opinion for your model i don't think it will...the mark 2 is out and the fleet buyers and people with more cash than brains who buy new will be flooding the market with your age/model/make of freebie and all the 2nd hand buyers will have loads to choose from...heard from a mate in the trade once a new model is announced you can knock a grand off what you want for yours cos' there will be loads to sell coming up and it's always rang true for me if i've bought or sold...sorry,hope you prove me wrong tho' good luck.
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