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Separating Hard Top


In Fourth Gear
The rivets holding my hard top on my SIII 88" together at the two front corners are now starting to pull out and the two sections are starting to separate particularly on both front corners.

My intention was to drill the old rivets out, squirt some sealant in and then clamp and re-rivet to try and get a better and more weatherproof seal.

Has anyone else had this issue and successfully resolved? What are the best rivets to use?


I haven't tried doing just a section, but have separated and remounted a rain gutter on a lwb.

Though if it's some help will say.......

The rivets used on the top are aluminum 3/16" x 5/16" L semi-tubular and are set with a rivet squeezer or rivet gun and matching tool end...... 3/16" blind rivets will do the job, there easier to come by along with the tool to set them. There not exactly correct and will leave a tail sticking up within the gutter, but imagine they will be unnoticeable.

#10 or 5 mm bolts make for good clamping and alignment before re-riviting the parts together.

If the holes have bee enlarged to much on the sections where the rivets have been pulled out. A thin strip of aluminum laid into the channel and redrilled to match existing holes will add a bit of reinforcement.

Once repair has been made go back over top of it with in the gutter with some brushable seam sealer or with some sealer thinned with a touch of spirits.



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