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How Do I? series 111 gearbox

Its a straight swap except for the two mounts which you need to take with.

Don't know about the gearing - I did this swap and noticed no difference but the new gearbox was shot too so it got swaped out quite quickly...
No difference in either the mounts or gear ratio's, only that some have top fillers in the main box in addition to the level plug.:)
Mounts were definatly different on mine.:confused:
Something odd with yours then, civvy bellhousing crossmember as a replacement for the 1 ton type possibly? as when i was in the trade we found no difference in the mounts whatsoever between 4 cyl, 6 cyl , 1 ton & military. Civvy boxes and mounts etc into military and visa versa with no problems at all. This is also born out by the series 3 parts book as it only lists a left and a right mount for all except V8.
There is a removable X-member on the military ones. The mounts need to meet this almost completely horizontally. On the civvy ones the mounts are more 'V' angled are they not
I think the boxes are all roughly the same, with only small variations in gearing. The 1-tons had different overall gearing to suit the 9.00 tyres, but that was done in the transfer box, I believe. There are differences in the construction of the various suffixes of gearboxes, and the Suffix D is stronger due to its single piece (Electro Chemically Machined) layshaft and bigger bearings. If you have a chouce, get one of those. An MoD box will be a direct swap for your existing unit, regardless of suffix.
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