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series 2a divided/split rims


Accelerating Away
Hello folks,
I have already posted this on the ex-military site, but thought I would extend the "field of search". I am looking for a torque wrench setting for the divided/split rim nuts on my ex-military 2a 88". Cheers:)
All the IIa manual says is to tighten then diagonally to even it out. No mention of torque settings I'm afraid.

I have the military manual somewhere, I'll look through that for you, but i would imagine if you can find the settings for that size of nut, that would do fine.
No mention there either.

Sorry. Look for settings regarding the actual bolt size. TEMPL4R may be the man to ask.


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Thanks for looking Big Sandy. I might just pm your man and see if he can shed some light. Regards billy.
The info is in the handbook. In our SIII book, p108 and torque 10.3 to 11.7 kgf/m or 75-85 lbf/ft. Don't overtighten but you'll know that. Adrian
Yes you're absolutely right (makes mental note - must read more carefully.....altho' will probably forget in five mins). That site you found looks good though! Adrian
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