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Series 3 filler cap/ tubular filter


Hi, all.

On my old S2a, I had a filter tube, underneath the fuel cap. I would like one of these for my Series 3, but can't find the part number in the book. All I can find is a filler tube.

Does anybody know a part number for this item, for an 88" RHD stationwagon?


The page you want is, 1N 14. There are two alternatives, part# 277262, when a stepped filler tube is fitted, or #504656 when a plain tube is fitted. Looking at the illustration in the book, it is difficult to see where the inner and outer tubes are. The numbers will help you though.

Thank you for your replies. I was barking up the right tree, then. Any idea how I tell whether I have a plain or or stepped tube? Is one peculiar to a type of Landy?


Have a look inside you fitted outer tube and tell me how many small steel pegs are on the sides- I'd expect only one. Take a measurement of the diameter of the tube too. I have two spare tubes from front military under-seat tanks and I'd happily let you have one for £5 including postage.
There should be a groove down one side of the tube, with a corresponding peg on the fixed neck. The groove has a ink in it, so you have to rotate it about 10 degrees. It should then push the rest of the way down. It's a bit like fitting a light bulb.

The idea is that once fitted, you can quickly extend the tube for jerry can filling without fear of pulling it too far out, but can remove the tube to clean out the gauze (if you have been using it in the bush and it's full of detritus) by turning it those 10 degrees back and pulling all the way out.

There aren't any pegs. I understand the "bayonet" principal, but I think I've bought the wrong item. Perhaps this was for underseat military tanks (as opposed to side filled)?

Billy, I don't know what you have on yours, but my 109 rear tank and MoD under seat tanks all have extendable tubes with a groove in one side for a single peg on the fixed outer tube to run in. The groove is kinked near the bottom so that the inner tube can be extended and locked. These parts are standard, so your comment about SIII fillers having no grooves is wrong - some may have plain sides, but many are grooved.
Hello Snagger, well I can only speak as I find! As it happens Iv'e got it in my hand! (filler tube that is) This one was off my 1973 88" Station Waggon. I hope we are talking about the same thing. The tube with a gauze strainer that slides inside the filler neck? Regards:)
I hope we are talking about the same thing. The tube with a gauze strainer that slides inside the filler neck?
The very same. All of mine are retained only by the kink in the groove, and have a chain to attach the cap so that it can't be lost. The cap on the rear tank secures on three more of those pegs. I'll post some photos when I can, but the house is in disarray at the moment due to building work...
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