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series 3 judder


In Second Gear
Hi all, My dad has a series 3 swb and has come across a problem with what he thinks is the fuel system, when he gets to around 40 and try's to put his foot down when going up hills or even just on a normal road it begins to judder as though its going to cut out, when he ease's off the pedal it's fine again. Can anyone please help us

Cheers :(

I had the same problem as ur dad. It could be a few things. Mine is petrol so assuming ur dad's LR is petrol as well. My landy has a duel carb setup so firstly check your carbs for fuelflow and also check your electrics (points,plugs and plugleads). Mine had blown a gasket as well.

I had this, it turned out to be bits of laquer (sp?) off the inside of the tank in the float chamber of the carb. I cleaned it out and fitted an inline filter to cure it.

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