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Series 3 Lead Replacement Petrol (LRP)


Hi, all.

Just reading about LRP. I am currently using unleaded and Redex. I know you can get cylinder head conversions, but I don't have £450 to spare at the mo.

Can I/ should I use LRP. BTW, the Series 3 has a 2.25 petrol engine and is a 1972 model.


I got rid of my S3 last year, but before I did, LRP was becoming a rare commodity. For a year before, I used U/L with a lead replacement. It seemed to work OK. In fact the guy who bought is still doing the same with no ill effects.

I've heard that the valve guides have a 'memory' and can run on UL for many 1000 miles without any problem.

My main problem was octane. The engine knocked quite a bit woth UL. I use castrol valvemaster with octane boost in each tankful with no problem. Costs a bit but hey, she's worth it.
You don't need anywhere near £450 to get your head converted to run on unleaded!

Did mine a few years back was 75 quid it won't of gone up that much!
Yeah im doing the same.. Now and then I will pur some afetive into a tank of unleaded... but if the engine goes pop, then its a good excuse to fit that GMC Diesel I fancy :D
I ran my 2.25~for one year and 10,000 miles before the valves and head eroded to the point where the engine was unusable.

You should be able to source a complete head with hardened valve seats much cheaper than that price. One place here is selling them for $500 US and that is after importing etc...
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