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Series Bottom PTO


In Second Gear
Hey, new threader here. I am about to have a batch of the elusive series gearbox bottom PTO made from scratch :eek: as there are'nt any around and the few on ebay are too much £ for me....
I'm trying to find out if anybody else out there wants or needs one, shall i just make one for myself like a selfish oik :rolleyes: or should I bother having a production run set up......interested replies welcome! Not too sure of costs at the moment but am guessing £500 ish retail for just the casing/gears/selectors as a boxed unit. You should then be able to fit your own mech winch, hydraulic pump, generator, pulleys etc...

Also any info on original aeroparts drawings of said item muchos usefull amigos.

Ray Wood had one complete with winch NOS ex Aussie .mil stock. He had it on Ebay a few times I'm not sure he ever sold it. Anyway considering he has managed to get the "Roverdrive" made perhaps he could duplicate the bottom PTO too. drop him an email:

[email protected]
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Thanks, though through internet research I'd end up talking to him.:)
I was really wondering what the market was like out there for these things, theres certainly enough forums saying how usefull they are, and how unavailable...i've got a pet patternmaker and sandcaster and my own machine shop to do all the CNC, was just hoping it would make more sense to make 15 rather than 1......

Blanchards have got the complete kit including propshafts etc but no rear crossmember unit, and I only want the actual bottom pto box.....maybe i could borrow one from a kind person to copy.......or if anyone knows where I can get blueprints rather than drawing up myself.......
If you can keep it in the $1000USD range there should be plenty of interest. I assume you'd be able to run F or R pto- right?

Mmmmmm Tulsa Winch.... ;)
sorry, unfamiliar with the tulsa winch.... It needs to be within that price for me too or I could just go buy an ebay one!

Basically I'm just trying to replicate identically the bottom PTO casing available from early 60's to early 70's.

The bottom pto allows the 'chaindrive/step-up/drop-drive pto' to step the bottom drive up to the height/position of the hole in the crossmember behind the seatbox, thus replicating the action of primary output hole used for the overdrive while also sending it forwards for mechanical winch operation...
(my dilemma=I want to run an original Landrover Southern Electricity Board hydraulic winch AND my overdrive, try downhill motorway with original '59 SWB 2.25 3-brg, 9.00x16's and overdrive!!! Yippeeeee!:D)

To run accessory propshafts forwards and backwards you would need to get hold of the chaindrive step-up PTO. The bottom PTO only drives backwards on its own. The chaindrive appears more common on ebay, but you need the bottom pto box to double up on pto outputs to run drive and winch.

Here's the bottom PTO case and in action.

I'll seee if I can find a pic of the chain drive drop/step-up pto case and post tommorrow.

Great to see there's interest, excuse the ramblings, must sleep!


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