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Setting up a website

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My dad has asked me to set up a small website about his company. What is the best and cheapest way of doing it?
Should I use one of the online creators, or buy front page or something?? Also, if I make it on my computer, will I need a program to upload it??
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firstly if it is for a company dont use free hosting as they are full of adds and other rubbish.

get pro hosting www.netcetera.co.uk will do basic hosting from £3 per month.

you could buy frontpage as it is idiot proof im assuming you dont know any html or asp etc.

but another option i have used to great sucsess is microsoft visual studio it also has a frontpage style editor and can be downloaded free from microsoft.
Also, if I make it on my computer, will I need a program to upload it??
Note: FTP= File Transfer Protocol - this is what is used to send files to certain servers in a way that they can understand.
Windows XP (and probably earlier Windows) can uppload your website to an FTP server (which is what you will need to do to upload your website). Using Explorer, you just type (in the address-box) the URL (the unique address) of your FTP Server (eg: ftp://ftp.YourWebSiteName.com/) and once it connects, you will be asked for your username and password. All info that you need to do this will be supplied when you set up your hosting - MAKE WRITTEN NOTES OF ALL THESE DETAILS!!!!). However it is easier to use a dedicated FTP program such as CuteFTP which is available for free download that works for a month. I have heard that using Windows FTP is less secure than Cute, but I have no confirmation of this. I have tried a totally free FTP program that has impressive facilities (EvrSoft) but I find that it crashes often.
Hope this helps.
I recently setup a website on my own, and I am using my own computer to act as a HTTP Server (a computer permanently connected to the Internet on which web sites are stored and accessed).

MS Frontpage is a great program for the beginner (but MS has discontinued the product... still a great program).

I would recomend that you purchase, or go to your local library and grab an intro book to HTML just to learn the basics. Yes there are lots of websites out there, but nothing still beats a good old book that you can read anywhere!

Eventually you may decide to use powerful product like Macromedia Dreamweaver instead of MS Frontpage.

If you want to create graphics and snazzy backgrounds, you would want something like Adobe Photoshop (or GIMP which is free!).

For someone thinking about about designing a website for the first time, webpage design for beginners is fantastic.

So once you have finished looking at all of those, and you feel up to it. There is a great article on Boutell.com on how to setup your own website on your own computer.

It seems like a daunting task at first, but really once you get the hang of it it is pretty skookum!
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There have been a couple of threads on this section about this in the last 6 months. Check them out.
Don't go for a commercial set up at least until you know you really really need their special expertise for something genuinely complex There are lots of companies preying on people who are 'frightened' of this newish technology and they rip you off, make things very complicated so it looks difficult, prevent you doing your own minor changes so they can charge you again etc...
I use wsftple as an ftp program. it is free, simple and crude and oldfashioned, totally without of gimmicks, so it can't do anything weird.
Start off with your free webspace from your ISP so you can learn the basics. google for HTML tutorial and find one that takes you through simple examples using nothing more complex than Notepad.
You do NOT need any special programs for webpage preparation at the start. In fact using them complicates things because they shove in all sorts of non essential gumpf. (it's a bit like comparing a Series engine bay to a BMW one)
At the learning stage you do not have to put the 'pages' on a remote server so you don't have to do the ftp thing straight away. You can put them on your own computer ( as blahblah.html) and still open them with internet explorer on your own computer (they will not be accessible elsewhere, just on your computer but you are still learning).
Just use HTML. You do NOT need javascript. You do NOT need 'frames' . You do NOT need php, abc, def, and all the other gobbledegook that geeks like to talk about.
Check the previous threads on this subject as they have more details.
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