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Should I defect to a P38?

Gecko 03

Shifting Up
I'm thinking about changing my 2003 TD5 ES Auto for a slightly older P38, probably HSE or Vogue 2.5 diesel, 2001 ish.

Most of my driving is on road but 5% or less is off road and towing a horse box. I'm attracted by the all round air suspension of the Rangie, they seem very comfortable but I've not driven one. I also like the interior and I'm hoping it might be a little quieter than the TD5 which thrums a bit at anything above 68 mph.

I'm not so attracted by 25 or less mpg of the rangie (as you will be aware, the Disco returns 26 to 28) and I've heard the air suspension can be troublesome (more so than the Disco).

I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who has experienced a 2.5 rangie, to hear how it compares to the Disco.

I'm not sure its the right thing to do. If anyone thninks I'm mad (which I might well be) then please say so.

Many thanks,
To me, it would be like moving "across" rather than "up". Why not try to get hold of a DII ES. Same economy, with the same quality as the P38. Not sure the BMW engine has such a good reputation either.

Edit..Just re-read your post. You already have an ES. Therefore, you must be mad, and I'm blind!!!
I've often thought along the same lines - swapping to a p38 but I know a guy who, in the last 2 years has spent approx £3k at the local LR independant garage on intermittant problems with suspension and other niggling electrical faults. ( the RR's only worth about £5.5!)
I'm sure his vehicle is not typical of all p38s but its certainly put me off buying one - not just the cost but also the amount of time spent stuck at the garage!
With that in mind, I keep getting tempted by some of the Jap 4x4s because they never seem to go wrong but then I drive one and instantly remember why I love my disco!
A friend of mine bought a very nice Isuzu Trooper a couple of years ago. He ingnored my advice to get a Disco, 'cos they were unreliable. Nice car, and he was well pleased with it until the brakes needed replacing, followed by the alternator (£500:D) and the starter motor (almost £300:D). He still loves it, but not as much as I love my unreliable Disco.
Dear Disco69 and NomadABC,

Thanks for your thoughts. They have reinforced my hesitation about whether it would be a wise move. A comment from the moderator of the RR forum section suggested I should look long and hard for a good one and that that P38s are variable in reliability.

I've decided its not worth the risk. My Disco has been quite reliable and at least its a known quantity with known history. Better the devil....

I agree with the point about Jap 4x4s, I've had 2 landcruisers and an X-Trail. Yes they are reliable but they have no soul and suspension usually jiggly and unrefined. Landies are much better.The air system on the Disco is comfortable and the compressor is still holding out...
Two blokes at work have the p38 one diesel and one 4.6 petrol the diesel man looks after his and spends quite a bit of money on it but is always worried something big is going to go wrong.
Petrol boy thrashs the pants of it and never does anything to it ever and it still runs!
P38 air susp is as complicated as the trucks i work on D2 is 1 comp and two valves with two leveling valves.
P38 is double the above plus an air tank various sensors etc

Thanks Lynall,
I suppose it's understandable that they are less reliable as there is so much to go wrong with the suspension especially. I've definitely decided to stick with my TD5.

My only real grumble about it is that the slow to change up auto box makes the TD5 rev higher than it needs to, and so it sounds quite busy when accelerating even gently. Also quite a thrum at 70 and above. I'm thinking about trying adding some sound deadening to the bulkhead but not sure what to use.
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