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Shudder when hitting pothole


In Fourth Gear

Just developed a worrying fault on my Range Rover. Just had a small service and had the drag link and the track bar ( bar that joins the two wheels ) replaced due to worn track rod ends. Also had the front brake pads replaced. The vehicle was fine before the fix but today I hit a pothole at speed and the dreaded vibration of death occured. It was fine before, and after I had slowed down it dissapeared and carried on as normal. Do you think my wonderful dealer had forgotten to track the vehicle after fitting the new ends??? Should this have been done as there is no charge for it on the bill?? Would this cause the problem?? Just to test it I drove over the same pothole about an hour later and bingo same again but nothing in between?? Your advice would be appreciated.
Just to make things worse I am travelling home to France Tuesday towing a heavy trailer, so have very little time to get it sorted. If anyone knows somewhere in the Banbury Oxfordshire area that will do tracking on a Sunday that would help a lot.
More likely to be radius arm bushes than tracking but best to get it checked anyway - most tyre places should be able to do the tracking
I'd have gone for swivel pin preload.
Jack the offending wheel off the ground and grab it at the 12 & 6 o'clock positions and try to move it in & out to feel for any movement.
If you've got a second person then get them to look at the seal on the chrome swivel as any movement will show here. ;)
yeah me too check for play in swivels hopefilly just needs reshimming takes about an hour to do.

prob well only get worse very quickly especially bead with weight on the back.

bad trecking normally scrubs out yer tyres .
Steering damper. Quite common on D1's don't know about P38's though. But seeing as they have bu99ered about with the steering and wasn't there before i would think something to do with the steering.
Thank you all for your input. I had the tracking done it was 3 degrees out and no further problems at all. The 800 mile journey went without a hitch mechanicaly. However it did takeme 36 hours due to the total snowfall for the year all coming at once just outside of Limoges. I had to spend the night in the car as the motorway was closed and i could not get around the heavy vehicles all over the roads. ( Not because she would not go through the snow trailer and all ).

On a different note when i arrived home after this epic I thought i would try to sort out LuLu my 1990 90TD, she had been standing for a year with no human intervention in my barn. I soon spotted the 3 flat tyres but 5 mins with the compressor on sorted that out. I turned on the battery master switch crossed my fingers and lo and behold she turned over very smoothly in fact. After a few cranks to get the oil round I switched on the glow-plugs and after 10 secs turned the key all the way. My faith was restored as she fired straight away. All this and -12 degrees of cold too. I took her out of the barn and drove her until she was warmed up fully and she has been going strong ever since then ( this was Wednesday last ).

So please guys no more TD,s are crap posts for me she is a wonderful old girl and I look forward to a lot more fun in her again.


Steering dampener, and it's going to appear again.

I went through very simlar stuff some years ago, spent a lot of money having the front end diagnosed, the problem came and went, and NOBODY figured out it was the steering dampener until it was just the last thing left to replace.
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