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Side repeater bulb?

A little one :D

But seriously ... There are two types of lens on the repeaters. For earlier ones (fixed by two external screws) it's a standard bayonet round bulb. Later ones (more angular, no screws, push fit to wing) have the flatter spade type bulb.

5 watts. I can give you part numbers but it'll be easier just to pick up whatever your local petrol garage has got ;)
Thats cool, so long as its a 'standard' bulb then that fine, it definately the older style with two screws to remove the plastic cover. I'll probably go past Halfords one lunch hour this week so I'll go and see what they've got.
Oh dear :( Looks like it might be more than a bulb I need. Opened it up, and I can't remove the bulb. Looks like there may be some dirt/corrosion around the bulb, and it isn't going anywhere :( How easy it to change the side repeater unit? The drivers side one is fine, but this one looks a mess inside. Trouble is, it looks like the windscreen washer reservoir is in the way, so I guess I'll need to move that first? Any tips?
No need to go inside the wing. The unit is just a push fit into a hole. Just gently prise / twist it out. When you disconnect the wires tape them or something to stop them falling back through the hole - that IS a pain - don;t ask me how I know :D
Great, that sound a bit easier than I'd imagined. Just ordered a pair off eBay for a tenner, so hopefully I'll have them for next weekend to fit. Cheers for the advice ;)
Sorry, my mistake. You have definitely got the right ones there from Ebay. It's the later ones which are push fit, twas on my 90 that I did this job. The earlier ones have two little studs sticking out the back, these go through the wing and each has a nut and washer on it.

So, yes, you do have to delve inside the wing. But you don't have to remove the washer bottle. You need to get into the wing 'cavity' between the outer wing and the inner wing. I achieved this by standing on the front bumper in front of the headlamp, then kind of bending over till I was upside down, and putting my arm into the wing ... :eek: :rolleyes:
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