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Sill Channels


I have started to do some repairs to the floor pan and bottom of bulkhead mounts where they join the chassis. The Chassis is sound as a pound as it was replaced (not galvanised, pity).

To do a proper job I took off the innner sill channel as it was showing some wire worm evidence, once off I thought I might as well spend some cash on new ones rather than spend hours repairing (fabricating welding etc). This morning I phoned paddocks as I could not find them on the web based system and was told they are obsolete. Does anyone know different ????? Have not found any listed so far.

I thought this would be a part often rusted, often dameged and replacements would be available after all it is an easy one to fit or is that the reason, if it is easy it is not real Landy stuff.:(
Inner sill channel... are you talking about the section that runs across from the tub to the bulkhead which supports the outer edge of the floor panel and the seat box?
You can still get them, mine were shot to pieces at the end that bolts to the bulkhead outrigger, I fabricated a new end and welded it in. I have some pictures somewhere...
Then I have to say I personally haven't seen them rotten badly, if much rot at all... That's likely why they aren't made. Not enough demand.

EDIT: Okay, Border beat me to posting and it appears they are still made. :eek:
I am sure that Snagger told me there were available from LR. I think the 90 sills are the same as well although dont quote me. I started down that line and then decided to repair my own. Can you weld? If so I would try to sort your current ones out.
BorderT thanks for info and photos, looks like I need to connect up the grinder and welders, I've got the tools but skill is limited so will be another learning experience. I just need to find some suitable metal hiding in the garage, why is it you always have loads but never the right size shape or gauge.
As far as I can tell, the sills are identical to those used in the latest Defenders, except that the new ones are painted rather than galvanised.
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