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Slamming a series?........


HI all,

Not been on for a while but have a strange request and assumed that the peeps here would be the best to ask!

is it possible (mainly with bolt on modifications) to drop/lower a Series landrover?

Now i know everyone is going to think that im mad and why would i want to lower a 4wd when everyone else seems to go higher. But there is something about this picture (which i had photoshopped by a friend) that is strangly appealing.

TBH it would rarely get used off road if at all,


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Scary...but strangely I see what you mean. Its just missing those blue neons under it isnt it?:D

I have no idea how you would achieve that... You would have problems steering it with standard axles I would think.... Something to think about...and have bad dreams over, likely!
Sit it on the bumpstops. :D It would be a rather harsh ride and I don't think the chassis would take to it well, but that's the only way I can think you could do it.
cheers for the replies. hadnt thought about neons! lol ;)

I was thinking, disconnect the front driveshaft if there is an interference problem and expect to go through a large number of UJ's on the rear! lol

How about lowering blocks all round? (handling was never a LR strongpoint anyway and speed isnt going to be an issue! lol) and maybe retempered springs? Also, cut the bumpstops back or at worst possibly c-section the chassis where the axle would sit...

I dont think wheel arch clearance is a problem though! :D
Put low profile tyres on it and huge arches like the Suzy fat boys you see!!
Can't figure them out if you want a sports car buy one-if you want a 4 x 4 ????? Just my humble opinion.
Not after a sports car, just love the look of LR's and the above finished product brings a new twist to an otherwise very popular vehicle! lol at the arch comment... cant beat the classic Series look though!

Red - nice to see ya! sorry aint been around for ages. sold my FFR and been through a string of cars since. Am still working at JWR in bedford and stuff. Got 2 kids now! Did have a 3 but there sadly some problems. :(

Otherwise life is treating me/us well thanks!
prolly can't be done with leafs but if it was coiled, you could have hydraulic pumps which lower the shocks - the cost of those would probably double the cost of your landy...:D
Ive thought about doing it when ive been day dreaming. You could lower it a couple of inches using blocks between the axle and springs.
lol @ Red.

Regarding the coil sprung idea.. Yep you could just use airbags.. very popular over in the states, but part of the appeal i tht its still om leaf springs and aside form a few minor mods, it cold be put back pretty much to standard if needed...

soo , any offers of a donor to try this out on>?!?!?!? :D
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