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Smoking LR Disco 1.

Grantley Banfie

Shifting Up
I have a Land Rover Discovery 300 TDI, 1998 Model, this machine is black
smoking while idlying and on acceleration, more so on acceleration, air
filter,oil filter, fuel filter and oil changed about one week ago, can hear my
turbo whistling when accelerating, no noticeable lost of power, a little hesitation starting first thing on mornings, otherwise starting during the
rest of the day ok,vehicle is doing 105000 miles, can it be my injectors?
Never serviced them.
Would like to get some feedback.
Thanks and kind regards.
Grantley Banfield
Hello, welcome to the forum :)

I'd say the injectors are a likely candidate ... others will no doubt be along soon with more expertise than me :D
Not to long 1-2 hrs. You will find it oily but it shouldn't be too bad. If it is, look at a the turbo oil seals.

Done anything with the timing belt recently, just wondering if the pump is out of sync?
Hi Chris,
Can I obtain the Turbo oil seals in the U.K. and any idea where?
unable to get them in Barbados.


Grantley Banfield. :)

Unfortunately, new seals means a new turbo, or a rebuilt one.

If the turbo seals have gone then you would be burning oil, and this would produce white smoke and cause the engine to either run-on after you turn off, or worse, rev until it exploded!!

I would try the intercooler first, then get the injectors and pump checked. Had similar problems on an old diesel 90 and it was cured by a pump rebuild. Make sure all the turbo pipeworl is as it should be.

Has it started suddenly?
Hi Chris,
I cleaned the intercooler, did'nt find too much oil, still smoking.
Changed the timing belt sometime ago, think the problem started around that time, will check the pump timing and see what happens, will let you know.

Thanks and kind regards.

Grantley Banfield.
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