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snorkle on a series


Shifting Up
i just got a snorkle made for a defender that i want to fit to my series. after buying, i can't see a way to fit it. theres no filter in it because its made to fit to the def air intake where our series heater hole is located. i thought about buying a defender airbox and fitting it there but can't find any where else to put the heater :shake:

could someone who has done this mod please post me some how to and pics if possible as that would help alot.
cant you just drill a hole through the wing for the snorkel to go through, and leave the heater

personally i would have build my own to go on the drivers side
I have a defender type snorkel on my S3. I had to cut a hole in the top of the wing and then connect it to the air filter with a pipe that came with the snorkel. The top of the series oil bath type has to be altered as well. You can alternatively fit the defender type air filter and the pipe would connect with no other modifications.
whatever you do be carefull not to disconnect your heaters intake pipe from the wing , lots of people do and end up venting engine fumes into the cab when the heater is switched on.

sell the defender snorkle if you cant fit it and build your own , you can buy flexi pipe off of e bay and a mushroom top and use drain pipe.
Has anyone got any pics of how they have attached snorkles to their Series.

you can see mine here. I used a full Mantec system designed for a Series rig; cut the clearence hole through the top of the wing (note that it overlaps into the outer wing skin), feed the flexipipe to the air filter... clamp everything down and it's done...
if your using the series air filter you will have to mod the air filter.

1962 2a 88 van.
2 fast and 2 furious 2a :D:D
I think there was a different oilbath-

The oil bath filter is/was available from Landrover Orphanage, mine cost about £50.00, the intake for the hose points towards the Brake servo, you may need to change the support tray, or use a defender wheel mounting rubber as a spacer from the top bracket.

Probably best to go through the wing top and get a longer hose if needed.
I was planing on using a bit of downpipe, mushroom top, and hose. But instead of running it tough the wing, though the bonnet like on the camel trophy 110's.
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