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Snow photos

Great photos! Like yer mate too:D


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Amazing photos. Having never been in snow in my life those photos help my imagination as to how cold it must be!
this ones lunch time yesterday on the mobile phone


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    snow truck.jpg
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Great fun!

My brother's girlfriend flipped her car Monday- was left stuck in it hanging upside down for 45 minutes before help came and they managed to pry the door open with hydraulic tools and what not.

So even here where people should know better you have people getting into trouble in the snow, especially with the blowing snow and whiteouts.

A couple weekends ago I was on a trip with my family up to Utica NY, Part of the trip is along a plateau that is farmed thus clear and rather windy. My wife slowed down and suddenly about 75 feet in front of us we had a car 100% in our lane!, You could barely see it through the snow! Talk about a rude surprise!!! Luckily the other driver was able to get back in their lane before we collide- we had nowhere to go!:eek: :eek: :eek:
from the back garden


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