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Snowing again!

and here Bernie although its dying away at the moment
I have to do a late shift tonite so bring it on if the roads are bad for H&S reasons we cannot drive!!!!!!:D
oh and I pulled this off the virgin website!

looks like london is going to come to a standstill AGAIN!!!:D

Heavy snow on way, say forecasters
Forecasters issued an early severe weather warning as Britain prepared to plunge into wintry mode with heavy snowfalls predicted for some areas of the country.
Up to 15cm of snow - around six inches - could fall in South and Mid Wales on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, with up to five centimetres - around two inches - predicted for London and southern England on Thursday.
Southern England could see snowfalls of up to 10cm, or nearly four inches, in areas of high ground.
Paul Knightley, forecaster for MeteoGroup UK, the weather division of the Press Association, said cold air from the north mixing with an "active" mild weather system from the Atlantic would bring the snowfalls.
There have already been small snowfalls in the South West and overnight tonight parts of eastern England will see some snow showers.
"On Wednesday night and Thursday morning a much more active weather system comes in from the South West," he said. "Overnight Wednesday and Thursday morning are going to see quite a significant band of sleet and snow into south west England and South Wales and eventually by morning across much of Wales into the Midlands and into the London area and southern England as well as the South East," he said.
"The snow will be potentially disruptive in London because it is predicted for rush hour and is going to cause some significant disruption, I think. It will probably be some of the heaviest snow in the last couple of years in the London area." :D
The Met Office issued an early warning of severe weather.
A statement said: "The Met Office is expecting a period of heavy snow to develop across south west England and much of Wales during Wednesday night and this is expected to extend across the Midlands, London, the South East of England and East Anglia during Thursday morning.
"There is also a risk that the snow will extend into parts of northern England for a time before dying away from all areas during Thursday afternoon."
Yep, stopped here now ... I saw the forecast for Thursday was snow right across central England ... standstill time :D
i wish we had some here around the middle regions, i want to go and have a play in it,

last time it came down it was allround and none near by,

send plenty down will ya
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Im gouing to fill my tank up tommorow night just incase I have to ferry some people around :D Roll on the snow!
Im gouing to fill my tank up tommorow night just incase I have to ferry some people around :D Roll on the snow!

The met office reckons we are going to get some. Looks like red snow though:rolleyes:

cheers, Tim


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Bmw X5 on wide low profile tyres is probably going to struggle a bit in the snow.. Better pack a heavy duty tow rope an all :D
Had a tiny amount of snow when I was walking to school this morning, that's all we've had here, but there were a few snow covered cars coming along the road from Wales :p
Same here - no snow, even when glossop and the surrounding areas got loads we only got sleet. Not fair.

Hat, coat, gloves and ball well and truly taken in :(
this was the view from my office window about an hour ago!!:D

also gave a chav the right of his life he came out of a side road with his handbrake on and didn't expect me I saw him and had stopped otherwise I would have got him in the drivers door!!! (OK should have as it would have been one less in the gene pool!!!!):D


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Bleeding cold down here this morning an all, poared some hot water on the wiondows to clear the frost, got back in and the damn things had frozen over again! Snow tommorow me hopes!
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