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So, who's loaded then

:) buy it and burn it..then stick some houses on it :D:D (JOKE!! for all you people about to complain and put me on your hit list :D:D)

I'd love a wood....I'd turn it into an team building playground for the wooly hat brigade....It'd be a place where the greeny's (the ones who would spend their money on anything) would come to live out their biggest fear. A bit like in 80's horror films, 20 people stranded in a wood with a vigilante (aka Me!) picking them off one by one..:)

who's first??
Or make a small river and invite ramblers along on a Burt Reynolds style canoe trip:D

All the off roading and paintball I could want, heaven!!
Yeah!!! I'll go halves with you!!....we could have bear traps and everythin... Sod paint balling I'm bringing an AK47 ;) maybe a 9mm for close quarters:D:D
We'll have to organise something then, I have a couple of mates that'd be well up for it.
One of thems pretty musical too:D


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Evenin all.

'Copper Bird' hmmmm I think V and Becky may have a couple of choice words to say about that.

But your OK for now she's just driven of for night duty
Funnily enough we looked at buying some woodland last year and it's not worth it.

If you have a look at the details they all have the previso that:

The purchasers of the wood will be asked to enter into covenant to ensure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the woods
Thought about it but most of these woods have a covenant that prohibits building and anything to do with vehicles :(

I'd like to buy a wood so I could rent it out to Landy users and stick two fingers up to the antis.
Can I just point out I never said "Copper Bird"? Copper Totty maybe. ;) Becky that is, wouldn't call Mrs BM "totty", although she is....totty I mean.

I'll shut up now.:eek:
In answer to the original question, we are now :D:D:D:D

We brought 5 parcels of woodland totaling 30 acres about 18yrs ago from a friend who had a spot of bother, cost us about 5K seems it's worth a min 3.5 grand an acre now.:)

Now if I could get SWMBO to sell it, new defender?

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