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Soft spots...


Accelerating Away
Does anyone else have any weaknesses...

i just love the idea of owning a Defender 90 V8i softtop :rolleyes:

oh and weaknesses for various girls as well ofcourse :D

Dream mode on.... lol

Anyone else got this sort of thing?

James :)
I would like one of them icelandic 110's, i would be a happy camper with one of them, but then a Dodge charger wouldn't go amiss either, dream on eh:rolleyes:
Defender V8 soft top or a lightweight.
Not really practical as everyday car!

Ford Mustang V8 soft tops (new model is nice-but a bit thirsty and LHD so again not sensible in UK)
My wife likes Porche cabriolets !
James, I had a (genuine factory build) 90V8-CSW a few years ago, it was a nice motor

but then a Dodge charger wouldn't go amiss either, dream on eh:rolleyes:

Ah!, but what colour?
Black ('Bullitt')
Hugger Orange ('The Dukes')
Lime Green (Richard Hammonds old one)

As for me;
'68 Mustang GT390; in Highland Moss ('Bullitt')
'32 Ford Model B; 'Little Deuce Coupe' (as per the one in American Graffiti)
TVR Griffith 500; (driven one on track & a 450 on the road. WOW!!!, almost bought one instead of the 110)
TVR Sagaris; (being a passenger on a track. 165 MPH in the wet, fish-tailing Gallardos:D :D )

Vauxhall/Holden Monaro/Pontiac GTO; just seems so much FUN!!

Skoda vRS, or the turbo 4x4 estate (could be made into the ultimate 'Q-Car'??)
Black Porsche 911 turbo Whale tail.. I will have one... May even be my next daily driver if i get my toyota on the road for another year or two!
Babies can't walk past one with going aaahh. :angel1:

Never had any of my own, I always get lumbered with someone else's. All my ex's have had kids.,
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