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Something's wrong...


Extreme Landy Fan
I check the fluid levels in my vehicles once a week and top up as and when needed.

The fluid levels were fine a week ago and I travelled about 500km in the past week.

This morning I needed to put 2l of engine oil and a litre of coolant into my Disco II TD5. I also needed to top up the brake fluid.

The brakes are suddenly mushy. The resevoir lid is seated properly (at least as far as I can see) and there are no wet patches on the garage floor.

The turbo is less than 10,000km old and is still under warranty.

I did the obvious thing, took the oil filler cap off and checked for smoke. There wasn't any. There's also no strange coloured smoke coming from the exhaust.

Any ideas as to what could be going on and where I should continue looking?
re the brake fliud,a quick check of the inside of each wheel will reveal any leaks there,a visual inspection of the pipes,in particular the flexible hoses will rule them out.
If the master cylinder front seal fails,brake fluid can be drawn into the brake servo,and cannot be seen.
re the oil consumption,I would not worry unduly yet,see what the level is next time you check it. Same with the coolant.
Have you been doing something more extreme than usual and the engine has been hotter than it's used to?
Thanks for the advice Nick.

The truck's basically been standing as I've been grumpy as hell about the damaged door lock. As I said, it only travelled from the airport to my house and to the countryside over the weekend. Nothing abnormal and less than 500km in the week.
I checked my fluids again this morning and had to put about half a litre of water into the expansion tank to get it to where it should be.

The oil level seems to be suspiciously high. I fear we may be talking about a blown head gasket.
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