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Sorry to bore you all...............

Hi Ali, That has been my aim and he's managed it at last:) he's making such big improvements each day and the vet doesn't want to see him for a month now. Just got to get rid of the rather nasty presure sores he has on his left heel and pads, but with the special boot he's got they don't worry him too much.
It sounds like tremendous news Vicky and its not at all boring, but as I said before, my server doesn't like .zip files - it thinks they're all full of porn!

I take it Harry's back on his feet and that a full recovery is in sight? I'm very pleased for you both - you sounded absolutely distraught just before christmas, but you sound much happier now.:D

Never never never boring...blimey he's come on leaps and bounds. When I think of your first phonecall Vicky :(

I'll be honest I thought it would take months and months and months..but he's looking fab. He is such a big character..like a snuggly big version of Jack :D

Things can only get better..Im so happy for you..and keep posting the little films..I love em

Maggie and jack xxxx:D
Fantastic news Vicky:) and I got Ali to unzip the file all by her self (with a bit of instruction from me;) )

So is Harry pretty much back to normal now Vicky??? He looked pretty good on the vid:)

cheers, Tim
Thanks everyone, I just want to shout from the rooftops!

really sorry you can't view zip files but I can't put them on here as a straight movie file, if you really want to see him I can mail it to you.

If you want to read all it's here:
but basically he had to have a major op and died on the table, they thought he'd got brain damage and would never walk again, so you can see why I'm so happy
Thanks for the offer Vicky, but its okay - just post a dige image of him next time you two go for a walk. That would be great.


Like Roger, I can't open it either, but your posts make up for the missing movie.
That's the best news of the week I've read on any of the forums I'm registered to.

Well done H
For all who can't see the vid, here's a still from it:)


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Well, he's not exactly rounding up sheep yet, but I bet he loved being there and he's a squillion times better than he was in an earlier photograph. Good to see Vicky - thanks.

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