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spark plugs, fuel consumption


Shifting Up
just replaced all the fluids in the freelander, gearbox,ird,engine,diff, replaced the air filter, all have made no difference to my fuel consumption, also replaced the plugs and now it hesitates slightly, are the plug gaps set correctly from the factory, as i didnt check them, and if they are incorrect would that burn more fuel as i am only getting around 40 miles to a tenner, sometimes less, i'm not heavy footed and i drive easy to see if i can gain more miles, also bought a new fuel filter, would this make much difference as i cant see myself keeping this with the mileage i am going to get, thanks
Try your air flow meter, i had a faulty one on my old 03 beast and I enjoyed an average of 17 to the gallon, this was a td4 not a V6!!!
how old is your beast, if you take it to a LR dealer TELL them what your suspicions are as the fault does NOT show up on diagnostics, I was lucky as the tech had dealt with one the week before I went in and he was only aware of it because he had read an article in "landrover international"
once this is sorted you should happily at least double your mpg, mine went from 17 to nearer 37-good luck.:)
just used that calculator and i get 17.7 miles to the gallon, wow, 1.8i petrol and my clio sport 172 used to do 37 with my foot down, what the hell is going on here guys, please help me, its draining my pockets empty,
i've just swapped from a td5 110 defender to a 1.8i freebie. used to get about 27mpg tatting about in the td5 and 33ish on a run..done 2 tank test fills now 1st one included a 200 mile trip to barmouth and back...hilly and not much motorway did about 32 mpg and then this last week has just been work and back stop start etc done 28 mpg not great but petrol is about 8p a litre cheaper and it's a lot quieter and easier to drive the freebie so i'm happy enough at that.
Barmouth is about 100miles from stourbridge aswell ,so 200 round trip,yours sounds like its doing about right,just remember that the power is being sent to 4 wheels hence you lose some mpg`s along the way

freelander gone but not forgotten
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