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How Do I? speakers.....big ones....


I was trawling fleabay looking for some cheap speakers for the back of the landrover..
I found some...
a pair...
Pioneer ones....

the only problem is, they're 10inch ones:eek::eek:

Am I gonna need an amp to run them?? I dont want to go the whole hog with an amp an $hit
mm 10 inch sounds like a sub...

any more info...

If they are subs, yes you will need a amp to run them , you need the amp to break the frequencies up and provide the power for a sub to work..

nice speakers .. depends what cd player you are going to use .. if its a modern one they usually give out around 4x45W up to around 4x50W and that's fine to go with the speakers.

i run a Kenwood 4x45W / JBL 6x9" 300W speakers and don't need an amp - in fact i would dare say i need more powerful speakers to utilize full power.

if you going to put in a sub woofer than yes, amp needed.

one tip : make sure those speakers are boxed in (a wooden home made chipboard box will do) and just leave a small 2" circular hole in box. extra padding (the fluffy kind found under the carpets in cars) stuck on the insides is better. thing is those speakers can produce some good sound but unless boxed you won't enjoy them ;)

oh and while you're at it insulate the whole hard top and cabin with 5mm felt so the sound wont bounce around and sound thinny :D
To get the best out of the speakers, and at Land Rover volumes in the vehicle, i would recomend an amp. Although the speakers will run directly from the head unit, the frequency response of most head units is poor, so you will lose the top end and the low bass. An amp will make a huge difference.
I need a cheap run around so bought a ford focus from a friend, with the biggest sound system i have ever heard. 6x9's in every door, 12" sub in the boot, three amps and a power cap to deal with power spikes. The sound is amazing. When i finally change the car, the whole thing is going in the 110!!! For me amps make the difference everytime.
The head unit is a 4x45watt JVC it used to run two kenwood 4" in the doors and two kenwood 6" speakers on the back shelf. I'm gonna box them up and hook them straight up. I'm not after a "soundsystem masssiv" just something with a bit more bass range than the factory fitted poo under the dash.

The roof has got a fool lenght lining and all the trim so it should'nt bounce too much. I'f it's poo, i'll get a cheepy amp and put a subwoofer in the enormous cubby box I built :eek:

cheers guys ;)
Wasn't there a thread a while back about someone building a speaker box?
They put it behind the cubby on the floor between the rear seats.
with a kid on the way, i'm not sure that the speakers would last very long there... I'm going to put them at the back behind the lights on the wheel arch bit.....

yeah! then i'm goin to fix dat Phat neon lites underneef. Maybe get me a racin exhaust, I'm finking a drain pipe would do. yeah wicked!!:D:D:D
Even if you are not after massive volume, a amp will clean the sound up so nicely., even at low volume, afterall its onlu as loud as you turn the volume controll...

I have a 600watt amp behind the passenger seat in the 110..

I'm gona wire them up, just to see how things go, then think about an amp

here they are...all £6 of them:D:D


  • DSC00276.JPG
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Been busy with the mdf again :D:D


  • speaker box1.JPG
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