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Extreme Landy Fan
i know we've had this post's before, but , with the DC has anyone got speakers behind the seats that they can show me...that's DC as in DOBLE CAB....

two sony x pod things fitted to my 55 plate double cab

undo rear seat bracket let seats full forward cut card template to size they bolt to the spare hole in the mounting plate

cut mdf form use template from speaker boxs to cut speaker spray matt black

fit in back mark hole for screw drill out

run new cable from behind the light covers in the load bed area that where the speaker cables are from the head unit pre wired for four speakers ?

connect up speakers stick some pipe lagging a round the mdf important to stop vibrations

fix seats back injoy

sorry about the pic its ****ing down



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This might also be of interest - that i did in my 90.

I fitted one of these
On the back of my cubby box. I updraded the std spkrs with some kenwoods - i was recommended these because of the frequency range unless he just had some old stock he wanted to shift!

Then i ran the ipod lead from the head unit into the cubby box so it is out of sight.

No more discs to change or cart around, no changer to find room for etc etc.

The end result is sound that a defender has no right to have - wicked! Doesn't handle mega bass that will deafen you, but then it's not a Corsa!


similar mod to the above.

Fitted a Pioneer TS-WX11A 20.8 x 12.8cm Oval space saving 150 W SubWoofer to the back of the cubby box ( see pic )

Swapped all four speakers with Alpine two way units.

Hard wired ipod to the standard head unit with a ' connects2 ' adapter and routed the cable up into where the ashtray used to be. Made an ipod cradle out of milliput.

Next mod will be high mounted tweeters.


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Santa brought me an Ipod. I have a standard LR radio cassette player. Prior to the Ipod I was pricing up buying a CD changer and new head unit, then having to look at fitting it all with better speakers.

Then I saw an FM transmitter for the Ipod (made by Kingston, cost £25 at Halfords). You plug it into the Ipod (it's slightly smaller than my thumb) and then set your radio to an FM frequency that doesn't have a radio station (I use 100 fm). Set the Ipod to the same and it transmits a clear signal to your radio.

I have 2000 songs at my beck and call, the Ipod sits in a holder inside the ashtray on the dash and you have the advantage of taking it with you when you're walking the dog.

I was really impressed by the quality of the signal - I thought there might be some background hiss, but where it's mounted is only about a foot away from the aerial.

If you're looking for a cheap option that works, I'd go for a transmitter and upgrade your speakers.

yep. that's what i've done....just that the signal from me ariel is pants...gota earth it to some-at thats no aliminum..
My head unit has a dedicated ipod lead and i routed it behind the fuse box, under the carpet and up into my cubby box- I bought it thinking that i might want it one day and at my birthday one appeared - my hints were obviously noted. If it didn't i would use an fm transmitter or i think they are sometimes called modulators as he others here.

Not sure what a ' connects2' adaptor or lead is though.

the connects2 unit is similar to an itrip in that it transmits an FM signal, the difference is that you hard wire the connects2 into the aerial circuit thus eliminating the need to retune every time a stronger signal overplays the one from the itrip. The sound quality is very good and has no background hum. However, for the best sound quality, I would think that a dedicated head unit, like the one jum649 has, would be the way to go.

Portion from Ofcom statement ( Dec 2006 )

1.5 The Regulations therefore implement the remaining proposals for the use of the following to be exempt from the need to hold a Wireless Telegraphy Act ("WT Act") licence. These are:
  • Citizens' Band (CB) radio – measures to remove the need for users of CB radio, of which there are currently 20,000, to obtain a licence from Ofcom;
  • "micro" FM transmitters – these devices are designed to facilitate easy connection between audio sources (such as digital audio devices and MP3 players) and normal FM broadcast receivers by way of a radio link; and
  • a range of new technologies and novel applications of radio:
    • Inmarsat BGAN satellite terminals;
    • narrowband use of 24 GHz for short-range radar (including automotive applications); and
    • Radar Level Gauges.
smith is correct topper, they were banned for a while then they realised there was no need to ban them, so they legalised them instead ;)
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