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Split Charge System

Guide Split Charge System


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Satancom submitted a new resource:

Split Charge System - Series III

This article documents my installation of a simple split charge system into my series III Land Rover. It has been installed as I use the vehicle for camping and need to run lights and radios for extended periods. This system will prevent the starting battery being drained.

Items I bought
  • Cable 126/0.40 - 1 Metre (Linking batteries to Relay)
  • Cable 28/0.30 - 5 Metres (Relay Trigger and Earth)
  • Heavy Duty Relay 12v 100Amp
  • Surface Mount Fuse Box - 6 way
  • Sundries (terminals...

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This looks great, what is the light blue stuff you used ? did that also come from the same place? if so whats it called?

Being a bot cheeky now, would you mind posting the exact parts list that you ordered?

Anyone got any idea where I can get an ignition switched live on a 2003 TD5 90?
Parts list

Part # 126 - 126/.040 Battery Cable (Red) - X 1m
Part # 126 - 126/.040 Battery Cable (Black) - X 1m
Part # 28 - 28/0.30 Standard Cable (Red) - x 5m
Part # 28 - 28/0.30 Standard Cable (Black) - x 1m
Part # 44 - 44/0.30 Standard Cable(Red) - x 1m
Part# T14-6 - Ring terminal - x 2
Part# T14-8 - Ring Terminal - x 4
Part# CTT50/8 - Ring Terminal - x 2
Part# YFF6 - Insulated female blade - x 10
Part# BR8 - Ring Terminal - x 10
Part# LFB06 - 6-way Fuse Box - x 1
Part# BT461P - Battery Stud/nut Clamp - X2
Part# BT461N - Battery Stud/nut Clamp - X2
Part # R100R - 100Amp Relay - x 1
Part# SOL5 - Solder 5m - x 1
Part# TA - Electrical Tape (Blue) - x 1

The light blue stuff is just electrical tape. Thats everything I used with Part numbers from VWP, however some of the stuff I already had so didn't actually order myself, this list assumes you have no parts so is complete :)

This also assumes you have a soldering iron and crimp tool for the terminals, if not you can get them both for a tenner..

Part# D1 - Crimp tool - x 1
Part# 6210 - Basic soldering Iron - x 1

Personally I use a gas soldering Iron as it means I can use it at the side of the road if need be.. although an electric one is fine for the garage :)

Hope that helps..
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Smart install, Something that might be worth thinking about for future installs is if you speak to marine sparky suppliers you can get some relays which charge one battery then when thay reaches XX v it will then charge the next battery, or you can have a staged one so it tops up both but one at a time thus not causing too much hassle on your alt or dyno.
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