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How Do I? Split charging ?


Accelerating Away
Seen lots of different split charging set ups ranging from £8.99 in maplins to lots of money ! Are they any good , do they work ? will batteries suffer from any over charging etc ??? just want a back up battrey to power my winch . That way the standard set up remains standard and wont be overstretched.
I have just used a relay between my main and second battery, which would be the 8 quid type one, had no problems with it as yet,,,

Cool, cheers Toppa, how would the 2 batteries be wired though ? Would th alternator need to be wired to 2nd battery ? Cheers Rob
Just trying to remember mine....

I have the main battery wired as per normal, to alternator/starter and earthed to chassis..

The second battery has a seperate live feed to a seerate fuse box for the accessories (fridge/radio etc) and earthed as per normal... in no way is there a high current cable coming from it, dosnt need it as it is not used for starting,,,

Trying to remember the relay set up,
I think (without checking)

I have live feed into relay form + term on main batt,

Feed out of relay onto + term on second batt,

earth relay as normal..

Then i ran the trigger wire from the ignition so when truck is running, sends charge to both batteries, for the sake of argument they are connected togeather, then when the ignition is off, the relay tigger has no feed and disconects the second batt from the main batt..

From the top of my head that is how mine is wired.......

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