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How Do I? Spray Painting


In Second Gear
We are currently rebuilding series III and doing the spraypainting of chassis, panels etc ourselves.:eek: This is going well and what has been done so far looks great.:eek: It has been sprayed with smoothrite and looks fantastic. Should there be some sort of lacquer or hardener sprayed over the top of this for protection against chips? Any help much appreciated, thanks.
On the body panels i don't think there is much you could do , no option other than to leave it as it is . maybe you could come round and spray mine since yours is so good :) .
The dilema with the chasis is going to be whether to waxoil it or not :( . If you put the black stuff on it will look smart enough and any stone chips will "heal up" . It won't look as good as it is now though :eek: .
Maybe you could just do the inside of the chasis with waxoyl and content yourself with a hose down now and again externally - if it starts rusting here and there maybe get the waxoyl on ;) .
Splendid, thanks. I will keep practicing the spraying. Not quite confident enough to assist others yet I am afraid. Doing ok for a first timer though!?!:D
On your panels you could put a clear laquer coat, but I'm not sure if these are compatible with Smoothrite, you would best test it first, some blister or fail to cure. I used to use 1pk Autocryl Clearcoat on motorbike farings for a dreamy gloss which worked over a variety of different paint products, or 2pk laquer for something really long lasting and chip resistant.
look here http://www.bodyshopwarehouse.co.uk/shop/shop.asp?dep=39&cat=178&shop=2
I sprayed my rear cross member with smoothrite. It was great for 6 months..no marks or chips...but in the last wee while its started to fail :( Just sitting outside has seen bits flake off..and I don't know why...:(
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