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squealing disco


Accelerating Away
Hi,I've just changed the drivebelt on my 95 300 tdi because it was squealing.It didn't cure the noise so maybe it could be a pulley or the tensioner.Is there any common faults here or could it be any one of the pulleys?Not sure where to start......can anyone advise please?
Take it off again and check the pulleys. Spin them and try to move them up and down. Look for rusty marks.

Tensioners run out of line, look across the front of the engine and see if it looks square to the front or has any play.

I had the same problem with my 300 TDi. Small miss-alignment of the tension pulley. Added a shim (about 20 thou) to the left hand side of the tensioner to fix the problem. I had tried new belt, new tensioner, cleaned all the groves etc. with no effect. Just slacken off the tensioner and then add the shim and retighten. Take care as only a very thin shim is required - too thick will cause the belt to rise up on the next pulley. Mine required the shim on the left side looking at the engine from the front
Did the same to mine about 4 years ago and no problems since. :D

In this case though, it could be the bearing in the tentioner pulley as a new belt will normally stop the squeeling for a few weeks before the belt is polished again. ;)
My 95-300 is exactly the same and its the bearing on the tensioner. give it a tiny blast of WD when its running to test and it'll stop for 10 min. best off replacing the bearing before it collapse's on ya!

however, if you have neighbours you don't get on wit park it outside their house for those cold morning starts!;)
Had similar problems. The bearing had gone, so changed it. It still squealed. The only thing that stopped it was to replace the belt with a genuine LR one.

As for the pulley, the bearing can be replaced rather than the whole unit (almost £100 from LR). Just remember the bolt holding the jockey wheel is left-handed.
thanks for the advice everyone.i'll order a new bearing and look at the alignment while i'm at it.
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