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Big Landy Fan
What are Staffies like as pets, in general and for my situation (no kids yet (but wanted), SWMBO at home most of the time, garden)

Reason, one of the guys at work has a 5 year old female (assumed filter would removed the correct term), and is being bullied by his other dogs - isn't fair on the dog, so wants it to go to good home
I personally have not had a staffie. Many of the people that I know who have them find them excellent pets. They are generally not as agressive as bull terriers but there are exceptions. They are pretty friendly and very loyal. At the dog training I attend there are two staffies. A young pup < one year which is totally non-aggressive to the other dogs around. The other is about 3 years old and is very aggro to the other dogs. But part of the problem it wasn't socialised with other dogs.

Do a search on the internet and you will get a lot of info on the breed. I am getting a 2 year yellow labrador from the SPCA to keep my German Shepherd company and I found good info about the breed.
I have lots of clients that have them. Working in a town that's awash with drugs, you can understand why there are so many of them here. Anyway, from what i gather they are very very loyal dogs but need very careful handling and training, thereby being very good pets. However like all pets, they should always be supervised with kids.
my daughter got 2 off them,both from the the same parents,both dogs(m+f) are very good with my grandkids,a point i made when she got them if any harm comes to kids the dogs WILL be gone,fortunatly the dogs are very good especially with youngest grandkid who lies all over them


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I have owned 3 staffs (2 in conjunction with my parents) and for a house dog in an urban area I am not sure they can be beaten. All three have been extreamly loving and loyal and good with kids. In fact, if truth be told, too protective of the kids. My grandmothers staff would stand between a kid and an adult who was trying to tell the kid off bearing his teeth to the adult :D

By nature they are a loving dog but can be 'turned' by bad owners so be wary of staffs from rescue homes.
Another thing to be aware of is that when they are bored they can be VERY destructive. Have you seen the movie Turner and Hooch? If so you will get my drift.

Our current Staff we got at 3 years old from a rescue home and she is adorable but we watch her like a hawk at times due to her past treatment.
She dislikes men in dark clothing (including policemen)
She hates women with short dark hair
She will only go to the toilet in our backgarden and gets bad tempered when she is 'full'.

On the whole I would say go for it. I dont think you would regret it.


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Great dogs!!

I have owned various breeds over the years but none can beat a Staffie. The breed standard refers to them as the "nanny dog" because they are so good with children, although we dont have kids ourselves Leah does come into contact with kids and she is so very gentle.

Leah is not a noisey dog so when she does bark we know something is not as it should be.She was always very clean and took no housetraining. I was told that "all Staffies pull on the lead", but this was very wrong, Leah walks right by my side with the slack lead dragging on the floor.

I would certainly recommend them.
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