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starting problem


hi my new classic is a non runner with a starting problem.there is a spark the previous owner changed the dizzy.i'm going to check the coil connections.if i need a new coil what is the best-what else should i look for.i'm going to change the oil etc as well,also how easy is it to change the fuel filter.thanks in advance
Slow down there hoss.

There is spark? Probably not the coil then.

Dizzy caps and rotor arms can be troublesome, don't replace with pattern parts, use genuine parts, they work, pattern ones don't

I got caught out once, some **** had replaced the dizzy, but not faced it correctly. I replaced the HY leads, by the book, not one at a time. After 2 days of head scratching, I found that the Nº1 position on the cap wasn't in fact Nº1, had to move all the leads round 3 holes! I found it by taking all the plugs out, sticking a long screwdriver down Nº1 and turning it over by hand, whilst watching the valvegear to find Nº1 TDC, then look to see which lead the rotor is pointing at.

Could also be a HT leads problem, or even a plug problem.

If all that'ss good, and it still won't go, must be fuel or something mechanical.

Fuel filter, depends on year. Carb engines it's the bowl type in the engine bay, EFi it lives in a rear wheel arch and can be a pain to change if the unions are all rusty.
Yes - I've had the Dizzy 180 degrees out before now and wondered why it wouldn't fire.

We all have our ways of doing things - I stuff a bit of kitchen roll in no 1 plug hole and turn the engine over with a socket until the paper blows out. Obviously thats when the rotor should be pretty close to no 1 lead.

hi had a play with it today.when i turn the key the engine does not turn.but there is a whining type noise from the injector area.if its the fuel injector unit what could the problem be
hi the engine does try and fire but will not catch so pretty certain its a fuel problem.also the oil light stays on -oil is good just changed that so no its got plenty in-any ideas what causes that
mine did this last weekend after being left for a few weeks-- take off injector connectors and grease them up with wd40. Also, take off air flow meter connector and do simlar. apray some wd40 into air flow meter too. Take off dizzy and rotor arm and apply liberal amounts of wd40 too.
Charge battery overnight, then whilst having foot securely welded to floor, churn over said beat and it 'will' eventually fire up. will run like a bag of spanners for about 10 seconds then clear!
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