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How Do I? starting problems or electrical?


On my rangie classic I have a problem I just can't work out
Every now and again it just won't start.

I have replaced the battery with a new one and it still does it.
It worked for a few days and then would not start and had to be jumped, once the leads were attached it started first turn.
So I charged up the new battery and it started first time, the alternator is putting in a charge of 13.4 to 13.7 depending on the revs. I turned it off to have another look under the bonnet didn't touch any thing and it would not start again. when it won't start there is a buzzing sort of motor sound from the starter motor and that is about it.
I connected it to the old battery via jump leads and first turn it started I have left it ticking over for 10-15 min and it is now starting fine.

If I disconnect the positive lead I have 0.9 amp flowing from the + terminal to the + lead. the same on the negative side.
and if I disconnect the negative lead I have 0.8 volts running from the lead to the - terminal of the battery.

It keeps doing this and I can't find what it is as it only happens sometimes. Any ideas appreciated.
Buzzing starter is either a bad connection or low battery.

If you connect a jump battery to the battery terminals and it starts, I would check for laquering in the terminals, first.

i had the exact same problems, and was actually caused by a combination of 2 things not one ... first off was the battery earth, make sure that is ok if cable is old change it ... if cable goes to chassis/body make sure engine or gearbox is well earthed to chassis. secondly i had loose connection in the + terminal of the started motor, that ended up shorting and melting some wiring behind dash.

i am no electrical guru - i have been told all this :D changed all behind dash wiring in the meantime and new indicator stalk.

works fine now :)
It was the alternator

all fixed now and ready for trialling on sunday

the old alternator was giving a good reading on the driveway so I wired it up and took it for a drive and it kept dropping below 12 volts so I changed it.

Of course the new one wired up differently and haynes was a great hinderance telling me not to connect 2 of the wires (load of rubbish that book is) and I got an alternator that went on the other side of the engine luckily someone showed me that they can be taken apart and changed to go on the other way.

I hate electrical problems

Thanks to everyone one for their advise.
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