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Steering damper, why?

They reduce the steering tug from uneven surfaces, like potholes, kerbs, stups and so on. They also reduce oscillation at speed.

To fit one requires brakets on the near side dumiron and the drag link. My drag link has the braket welded on, though I think there are strap-ons for plain links. The dumbiron should have webs behind the spring hanger with two bolt holes each about 2" apart) to which the bracket attaches. repair dumbirons don't have these webs, but you could fabricate something.
I had a scrap rolling chassis with a steering damper fitted. One end was strapped to the drag link and the other end went to a bracket strapped onto the axle casing.
<<<<< The racer uses a chopped RR chassis, and we never got round to re-fitting the damper. Never noticed anything wrong with the steering either, and that includes travelling at silly speed, and with mud filled wheels.
On a standard common Series, a steering damper isn't required. The steering drop arm in the front crossmember has a wound spring in it that acts as the steering damper.
The dampers also deaden the steering.. And they wont stop wheel shimmy, but may mask it early on.
I always figured they were one more thing to go wrong- I've heard of them getting bent when offroad etc so I avoided them YMMV.
So if my SIII 109 has one, but it's not really necessary, will it cause any problems if I remove it? (One less thing to go wrong, eh?) Also, will it possibly make the steering a little easier?
When possible, I always opt for simpler. That's why I drive a Series Land Rover in the first place.

Sure! Remove it -it won't cause any problems, It might in fact mask problems that really should be attended to.

I've heard anecdotes about the body getting dents and preventing full steering- it wasn't on Land Rover's specifically but it seemed like a good enough reason for me not to use one. One less thing to worry about, one less thing to pay for etc.

Some people use then and are quite happy with them but in no way are they a required modification.
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