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Stuttering on acceleration and yellow engine light

Noel Johnson

Accelerating Away
Good afternoon all,

I seem to be having an issue with my Freelander 1.8 petrol 03 reg.

When I accelerate the car seems to "Stammer" jerking the engine and the bodywork which also turns on the yellow engine warning light on the dashboard. This occured on the way home this afternoon, so it's quite sudden. There is no coolant loss or white smoke coming out of the exhaust so its not HGF - That happened last summer :( and after the initial burst the car seems to clear itself and is perfectly driveable.

What's wrong? Is it a garage job?

Cheers all,

One of our many breakdowns with our Freebie had the same symptoms as you have described.

That one turned out to be dust in one of the sensors.
Car seems fine this morning which is a shame as I'd booked it in to be looked at and had to cancel todays diving :( I think one of the sensors was probably a bit damp...
As BM says, if it has registered the error it will be stored. It could be a coil pack failing, Maf sensor or a crank sensor.
Could even be fuel pressure.

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