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TD5, can anyone identify this?


My brother rang me today, telling me that there is a cylindrical item attached to the inner wing which has vacuum pipes running to the servo and the vacuum pump and is also wired up. He says it buzzes sometimes when the engine is running. Any one what this is from my poor description and could it effect the running of the engine which is dieing under load.
I have not seen this item so please forgive me.
Aha! That explains everything - tis the EGR modulator you are thinking of, sorry can't find a pic. That would affect running, yes.

C0507 in that pic is the ABS return pump.
This is what the manual says about the EGR modulator:

The EGR modulator is located on the RH side inner front wing. It regulates the vacuum source to the EGR valve allowing it to open or close. The ECM utilises the EGR modulator to control the amount of exhaust gas being recirculated in order to reduce exhaust emissions and combustion noise. Optimum EGR is usually obtained when the vehicle is operating at light throttle openings, and the vehicle is cruising at approximately 2000 to 3000 rev/min.

Input / Output

The EGR solenoid (C0191-1) receives a feed from the main relay (C0063-87) on a brown/orange wire via header 294. The earth path for the solenoid (C0191-2) is controlled by the ECM (C0158-3) on a blue wire. The length of time the ECM supplies an earth is how long the exhaust gases are allowed to recirculate. The ECM decides how long to supply the earth by looking at engine temperature and engine load.

The EGR solenoid can fail in one or more of the following ways:

• Solenoid open circuit.

• Short circuit to vehicle supply.

• Short circuit to earth.

In the event of an EGR solenoid failure, the EGR system will become inoperative.
Thanks Bernie, Graeme, that makes more sense. Could this unit effect power at higher revs, say climbing a hill at 60mph or towing at 40, because this is what he is experiencing. He says it is buzzing at idle but if he gives the wing a slap it stops??.
I presume by removing the whole lot it wont put exta stress on the engine but only let in clean air and so increase performance.
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