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TD5 Ex/manifold gasket & Bolts


Accelerating Away
From other threads seems to be a bit of an achilles heel with the TD5 engine. Speaking to a dealer it seems a common problem as well no matter whether modded or not. I'm looking at my second gasket and bolts in less than 6 months any time now as it's just blowing a wee bit again. Have to catch it early to avoid bigger probs.
Are there any other stronger bolts out there and better gaskets? Bolts seen to take a pummeling as well.
Has anyone like Tomcat who improve the TD5 to a large degree found a solution or JE Engineering or Twisted Performance ?
Any ideas?
My manifold started to blow and I found the front two studs had sheared. My 110 was still under warranty but I decided to fix the problem permanently and got JE Engineering to sort it via one of their sets of extra long studs, spacers and gasket. This was done during a normal service so a bit more convenient than a separate trip the local LR dealer, who I don't trust anyway after they took SIX DAYS to sort a leaking clutch master cylinder under warranty.

Basically JEs kit allows the manifold to expand and contract whilst maintaining a good seal. Apparently it's the constant movement that eventually snaps the studs off, so JE put much longer studs in and use loose-fitting spacers under the nuts. The side-to-side movement is absorbed by the spacer and leaves the studs untouched.
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