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TD5 mysterious steering wheel wobble under braking


In Second Gear
Well, this is a strange one. In August 08 the front discs were replaced as there was pulsing coming back through the brake pedal and steering wheel wobble when braking. That solved the problem.

I've done less than 5k miles since then and was careful to bed the discs and pads in.

Recently, a wobble has returned to the steering wheel under braking, but no pulsing through the pedal, but it almost *feels* like the brakes are gripping then slipping, but not in an ABS-activated way. I took the Disco back to the LR specialist who fitted them, thinking they would be changed under warranty. He put a dial gauge on them but there was only 1 thou run-out on one and 1.5 on the other. The limit is 6, although he said he would have replaced them at 3-4.

He also rebalanced the wheels and moved the front wheels to the back as he said one rim seemed to have a slight wobble. The garage road-tested the car after this remedial work and said there was no trace of any wobble, so believed it was problem solved.

I had a long drive home from the garage and it quickly became clear to me that the problem remains. I called the garage today to ask if they have any other ideas, and the only thing they could think of was possibly wear in the track rod ends, which are crimped on. They did check the brake callipers and they were ok - no leaks. Could the pads be glazed?

So I may have to go back to a LR specialist where I live to get this looked at. In the meantime, if you have any ideas or suggestions I would be pleased to hear them.

Thanks to all.
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